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Found a cockroach? (Saw a GAZILLION?)  Don’t panic.

Check all the rooms

Bathrooms: Moisture is the lure here. Look behind the tub, shower, sinks, and toilet, and around pipes.

Basement: American and oriental cockroaches frequent basements, coming in from sewers and landfills. Inspect inside floor drains. Check the foundation for cracks.

Other rooms: Vacuum drapes and furniture, especially under cushions and in crevices. Empty and clean book shelves, and shake out the books. Check closets, desks, clocks, radios, stereos, computers, televisions–wherever it’s warm and dark.

kitchen interior

You are most likely to find cockroaches in the kitchen.

© Regents of the University of California. Used by permission

Kitchen: You’re most likely to find German cockroaches here. Look on the floor underneath and behind sinks, stoves, and other appliances. Peer at the back of, and along the interior frame of cabinets and drawers, looking into any spaces. Inspect corners, especially those under tables and chairs. Examine the edges of drop ceilings, especially above cooking and dish-washing areas. Check the back of the refrigerator and the door seals.

This inspection will reveal the "hot spots," the places of greatest cockroach activity. Focus on these areas.