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Manuals, Brochures, & Articles for Landscapes, Parks & Golf Courses

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Classification of Acaricides and Insecticides for Resistance Management

780k pdf file
Community Integrated Pest Management 343k pdf file
Get the Bugs Out ... Safely!

648k pdf file
Grubs in Your Lawn? a guide for lawn care professionals and homeowners

164K pdf file
Lawn Care Without Pesticides: How to keep your grass healthy so that you can reduce or eliminate the need for lawn chemicals.

Long Term Evaluation of Reduced Chemical Pesticide Management of Golf Course Putting Turf 125k pdf file
Models for Pesticide Selection (download as a PowerPoint Presentation) 384k ppt file
Moles and Voles of New York State


¿Qué pasa con el mosquito?

357k pdf file
Reducing Chemical Use on Golf Course Turf: Redefining IPM  
Reducing the Risks of Golf Course Management: The Bethpage Project  
Trac Software for Turfgrass  
Test, Don't Guess: How to submit plant and insect samples for diagnosis.

408k pdf file
Wasp and Bee Management: A Common-Sense Approach  
Weed Suppressive Groundcovers Brochure 3Mb pdf file
Weeds and Your Garden

216k pdf file
Weeds and Your Lawn

409K pdf file
What is Community Integrated Pest Management?

What’s all the buzz about mosquitoes?

365K pdf file