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Lawn Care Without Pesticides: How to keep your grass healthy so that you can reduce or eliminate the need for lawn chemicals.

Download the Complete Manual, 12MB pdf file

OR by sections:

Part 1, 3.5 Mb pdf file

Part 2, 2.7 Mb pdf file
It Can Be Done
Decide What You Want to Do
The Most Important Step
Your First-Year Plan (first section)

Part 3, 1.1 Mb pdf file
Your First-Year Plan (second section)
Gather More Information
Snuff Out Weeds
Manage Insects
Prevent Diseases

Part 4, 1.6 Mb pdf file
Why Lawns Matter
How Grass Grows
Repairing Small Spots
Watering (first section)

Part 5, 1Mb pdf file
Watering (second section)
Renovating and Establishing a Lawn
Choosing Lawn Grasses (first section)

Part 6, 2.1Mb pdf file
Choosing Lawn Grasses (second section)
Relieving Thatch
Coping with Shade
Avoiding Salt Damage
For More Information