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Pest-Specific IPM Tips

Asian longhorned beetle--This beetle kills maple, elm, horsechestnut, poplar, birch, willow, and mimosa, primarily on Long Island. Capture the 1-inch beetles (look for long, black-and-white banded antennae), place in a plastic jar, and freeze. Report to 1-800-554-4501, ext. 72087.

Carpenter bees--Carpenter bees are gentle, beneficial pollinators. Keep trim wood painted or varnished; fill holes with putty in the fall and repaint or varnish; replace tunneled boards when they are no longer structurally sound.

Paper wasps--Paper wasps control many caterpillars, aphids, and other pests; they sting primarily when defending their nest. Knock down nests early in the season and scrape away attachment sites. Use a stick, broom, or strong stream of water. Check weekly; repeat the process if necessary.

Tree squirrels--Keep trees and shrubs trimmed back ten or more feet from the roof. Replace rotting or damaged woodwork. Use metal, not plastic, roof and soffet vents. Store garbage in covered metal trash cans.