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Corn Rootworm Management in Field Corn

Every effort has been made to provide correct, complete, and up-to-date pesticide recommendations. Nevertheless, changes in pesticide regulations occur constantly, and human errors are still possible. These recommendations are not a substitute for pesticide labeling. Please read the label before applying any pesticide.


Corn Rootworm Larva 1/2"
 Western Corn Rootworm 5/16"
Northern Corn Rootworm 1/4"



Corn planted late this year, especially if it will be planted early next year.

Fields that seem to have high numbers, but no exact count was taken.

Fields with evidence of silk clipping and pollination interference.

N=Not at Threshold, T=Threshold reached, RT=Running Total for all Samples

Sample until a decision is reached (N or T).


Use of the sequential sampling plan will indicate the presence of an economic threshold.

Management Alternatives


For more information contact your local Cornell Cooperative Extension agent.

Authors: Philip Sutton, Area Extension Specialist - IPM and Katie Ireland TAg Summer Assistant, through Cornell Cooperative Extension. Line drawings of corn rootworm courtesy of Purdue University's Corn & Soybean Field Guide (CRW) and Field Crop Pest Management Manual (IPM-1) PLH.