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Statewide IPM Grower Advisory Committee, Introduction

List of Members

What Is It? The Statewide IPM Grower Advisory Committee is a group of New York agricultural producers who meet regularly to advise the New York State Integrated Pest Management Program on its plans and activities. It was established in 1992 by the governor to ensure that grower input is an important factor at both the policy-making and the operating levels of the IPM Program.

What Is Expected of its Members? The members of the committee are expected to attend an annual meeting. See the document "Members of Statewide IPM Grower Advisory Committee" for information on each of the current members.

In addition to preparing for the meetings by reviewing agendas, members are asked to inform their respective industry groups about IPM Program developments and direction. They are also asked to provide their perspectives on the value of the program to their local state legislators.

As informed insiders, members are asked to share in the responsibility of helping the agricultural industry understand and support the IPM Program goals.

What Has It Accomplished? The role and influence of grower members should not be underestimated. The committee has, among other things,

What Are the Advantages of Membership? Members usually find that committee meetings are rewarding experiences as they are afforded the opportunity to interact with the Commissioner of the Department of Agriculture and Markets, the Dean of Cornell's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and members of the IPM Executive Committee.

Members often participate in discussions of newly developing agricultural policies and directions for New York State, frequently before they are shared with the agricultural industry as a whole. Members are invited not only to react to ideas but to help set the agendas for upcoming meetings.

Their opinions and concerns are incorporated into the decisions and policies of the IPM Program.