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NYS IPM Press Releases

Lee Telega, Cornell agricultural advocate, earns Excellence in IPM award 3-28-2016

Accolades Earn “Excellence in IPM” Award for Long Island Growers’ Advocate 1-29-16

Tireless Advocate Tackles Tiny Pest, Earns Excellence in IPM Award 1-21-16

Apple Grower Earns Excellence in IPM Award for Decades of Outstanding Service 1-20-16

Excellence in IPM Awards: Announcing 2015 Winners 1-15-16

Golf Course Superintendent Earns Excellence in IPM Award for Keeping Greens Green 11-17-15

Cornell Forest Entomologist Tackles Tough Pests, Earns Excellence in IPM Award 11-3-15

Keeping Cows and Crops Healthy Earns “Excellence in IPM” Award 7-16-15

Stopping Pests Earns Greenhouse Pro “Excellence in IPM” Award 7-16-15

Housing Pro Gets Pests Out, Earns Award 3-25-15

Disease-carrying fleas abound on New York City’s rats 3-3-15

“Desire to Make a Difference” Earns Excellence in IPM Award for Pest Management Educator 1-17-14

Christmas Tree Grower Group Earns Excellence in IPM Award 1-28-14

Good Bugs Help Vegetable Grower Earn Excellence in IPM Award 1-27-14

New Community IPM Specialist Helps Us See What We Look At 11-22-13

Curiosity and Responsiveness Strong Attributes of New Vegetable IPM Educator10-17-13

Accolades Earn “Excellence in IPM” Award for Pest Management Advocate 8-15-13

New Community IPM Educator Takes Science to the People 8-7-13

Proactive and Pro-IPM Earns Excellence in IPM Award for New York Extension Educator 5-23-13

Neither Rain nor Mud nor (Etc.) Earns IPM Award for Cornell Farm Manager 2-11-13

Doughnut Holes and Window Screens: Cornell Engineer Earns Excellence in IPM Award 2-6-13

Go-to Guy for Vegetables in Trouble Earns Excellence in IPM Award 1-22-13

Outstanding in His Field: Ten-county Team Leader Earns IPM Award 1-16-13

New Cornell guide gets to the root of tree and shrub problems 8-31-12

New “Organic Storage Guide” Serves New York’s Growing Organic Produce Sector 7-13-12

Greenhouse Team Earns IPM Award for Helping Other Growers 6-15-12

Wasp and Bee Management: A Common-Sense Approach 2-6-12

High grades win "Excellence in IPM" award for New York IPM leader 12-13-11

Beating greenhouse bugs earns award for Long Island ag steward 9-30-11

Duo Wins Award Promoting Green Practices 9-22-10

Nine New Organic Production Guides Now Available 3-24-10

Cutting IPM program could endanger public health and safety 2-16-10

Battling Pests and Pesticides Earns Award for Westchester Woman 9-24-2009

Award honors crew who make golf greener 8-10-09

Excellence among insects earns award for pest-management innovator 7-14-09

Greenhouse good bugs lead to IPM award 7-10-08

New Interactive Plant Manager Makes Diagnosis Easy 5-15-08

Seeing through a grower's eyes: Andy Muza receives Excellence in IPM Award 3-18-08

Soda pop to innovation earns sanitarian an Excellence-in-IPM award 3-11-08

Inventor wins IPM award for rugged farm weather stations 2-5-08

NYS Ag and Market's Robert J. Mungari receives Excellence in IPM Award 12-10-07

James Tette, New York's "Father of IPM," Receives IPM Award 12-4-07

Weed warrior wins IPM award for reducing herbicide risk 7-23-07

A “trapline” for worms in sweet corn 4-17-07

Greenhouse Consultant Elise Schillo-Lobdell receives IPM Award 2-5-07

Ag educator brings sound science to NY capitol district farms, wins IPM award 2-5-07

Viticulture leader promotes better science for better grapes; wins Excellence in IPM Award 1-26-07

IPM projects promote sound, sensible pest solutions 1-5-07

Long Island leader earns IPM award for innovation at ag-urban interface 1-5-07

Teaching “inner health” of trees earns IPM award 10-20-06

Bringing Least-toxic Pest Control to Amish Farmers 10-2-06

Monroe-Woodbury Public Schools Awarded IPM STAR Certification 9-1-06

Pest alert helps track changing climates 7-27-06

Cornell researchers: no magic in a bottle for tough perennial weeds 8-29-06

School Districts Share Knowledge, Reduce Pesticide Use in Buildings and on Athletic Fields June 20, 2006

Brian Eshenaur Is New IPM Ornamental Educator in New York State 5-5-06

Elizabeth Lamb Named IPM Ornamentals Coordinator in New York State 4-14-06

Rutz named Director of NYS Integrated Pest Management program 1-23-06