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Organic Guides for Fruit, Vegetables & Dairy

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These ORGANIC PRODUCTION GUIDES outline general practices for growing vegetable and fruit crops using organic integrated pest management techniques. Producers working in dairy settings will find the organic dairy cattle guide describes ways to manage external arthropod pests.

The guides provide an overall approach for organic production with a focus on biological, mechanical, and cultural controls. Sections on cover crops, resistant varieties, crop rotation, field selection, soil quality and nutrient management all highlight their interrelated qualities and precede specifics on pest management options.

2014 Organic Guides Disclaimer
Due to a funding gap, the 2014 updates to the Organic Guides were not comprehensive. We attempted to remove products that are no longer OMRI listed, and pesticide information has been reviewed for label accuracy and compliance with New York State Department of Environmental Conservation regulations. While products listed in the guides should always be checked to be sure they are NOP compliant, it is particularly important to do so this year. Products added to the OMRI list in the past year were not added to the guides and links were not updated. We hope to be able to provide comprehensive updates for 2015 and 2016.

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Organic Guide for Dairy

Organic Guides for Fruit

Organic Guides for Vegetables