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Dear Turfgrass Managers,
The Cornell Turfgrass Team is asking for your input. We want to know how you prefer to access turfgrass management information, what information is important to you, and how you think it should be paid for. Please take the Cornell Turfgrass Information Survey and pass the link onto others in NY’s turfgrass industry. The survey should take 5 minutes or less, and your response will help shape how Cornell presents and delivers turfgrass management information.
This survey is funded by NY State’s Turfgrass Environmental Stewardship Funds. Thank you!
Jennifer Grant and the Cornell University Turfgrass Team


We help you learn lower-risk ways of dealing with pests—be they insects, weeds, or plant diseases. Our publications guide you through identifying and scouting for pests, using thresholds, growing degree-days, beneficial organisms, and other IPM techniques—to finding the best pest management for your situation. Whether you’re in charge of hundreds of acres of grounds and greens, or simply your own backyard, help is just a mouse-click away.

Recent Publications

black-legged tickTickClick App

TickClick is a comprehensive, educational application designed to help you identify ticks, have a safe plan of action should you be bitten by a tick, assess disease risk if bitten, and prevent tick bites altogether.

fothergillaAlternatives to Ornamental Invasive Plants: A Sustainable Solution for New York State

Invasive species are among the top causes of biodiversity loss across the globe. New York is one of many states throughout the U.S. now taking steps toward improving our environment by slowing the spread of invasive plants. Horticulturalists and gardeners can be part of the solution by growing and planting alternatives to ornamental invasive plants.

weedsTurfgrass and Landscape Weed ID

Designed for users to select among various plant traits for identifying features in order to narrow down a search.

Lawn CareLawn Care, The Easiest Steps to An Attractive Environmental Asset

Featuring expertise from the Cornell University Turfgrass research team. Seven short how-to videos and photo galleries plus iterative images and concise directions make understanding the steps to cultivating a healthy lawn quick and easy.

kudzuLessons Learned from Six Years of Kudzu Research (9Mb pdf file)

turf guide2014 Cornell Guide for Commercial Turfgrass Management

For landscapers, sod farmers, turfgrass managers, pesticide dealers, or consultants, the latest in practical turf-care information.

grubs in handUsing IPM to Assess Your Lawn for White Grubs (video)

Jennifer Grant from the New York State Integrated Pest Management Program demonstrates how to determine if white grubs are damaging your lawn.

Lawn care without pesticidesLawn Care Without Pesticides

How to keep your grass healthy so that you can reduce or eliminate the need for lawn chemicals.

trac turf logoTrac Software for Turfgrass

Four customized record-keeping and reporting software programs for the turfgrass industry: TracGolf, TracGrounds, TracSod, and TracLawn.
reduce chemical use on golf course turf

Reducing Chemical Use on Golf Course Turf: Redefining IPM

Your guide to reducing environmental impact and saving money.

hydrangeaInteractive Plant Manager

An online tool for diagnosing insect pests of woody ornamental plants. Browse the database of insects that feed on trees and shrubs. Learn low-risk management strategies, identify pests using photographs and detailed descriptions of their signs and symptoms.


Jody Gangloff-Kaufmann
Jody Gangloff-Kaufmann
Community IPM Coordinator
jennifer grant Jennifer Grant
Director and Turfgrass IPM Specialist
Lynn Braband Lynn Braband
Community IPM Extension Educator
Matt Frye Matt Frye
Community IPM Extension Educator
Joellen Lampman Joellen Lampman
Community IPM Extension Educator