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Increasing Use of Biocontrol in NYS Greenhouses with Producer-based Biocontrol Mentoring Network (Year 1) 2007

- NY Farm Viability Institute Grant.

Download the entire report in pdf format, 77k

Project Leaders: E. Lamb, B. Eshenaur, G. Couch, NYS IPM

Cooperators: K. Hall, G. Murphy, J. Sanderson,

Abstract: While biocontrol methods have been used successfully for insect control as a part of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs for many years, there is a low adoption of these practices by NYS greenhouse producers. Lack of experience, either directly or through discussion with a successful practitioner, limits the expectation of success, and therefore use of the procedures. This project is intended to create a group of producers with direct experience in biocontrol, based on a tour of floriculture greenhouses in Ontario that are successfully using biological control of insect pests. Tour participants will share this experience through a variety of outreach activities that will allow other growers to gain practical knowledge in using biological control in greenhouse crops; on-farm workshops for growers who implement biocontrol practices in their own greenhouses, presentations to industry organizations (Southern Tier Growers, the Green Industry Show, etc.) or to grower groups through Cornell Cooperative Extension meetings, educational materials that can be used by CCE or IPM, etc. By presenting the information to a broader group of producers than can attend the tour, the tour participants become mentors for the use of biocontrol in greenhouse crops in NYS, providing greenhouse growers with another tool in their pest control kit.