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Determining the Impact of an IPM Educational Effort to Field Crop Producers 2007

Download the entire report in pdf format, 362k

Project Leader: J.K. Waldron, NYS IPM

Cooperators: Y. Miller, Survey Research Institute (SRI), 168 Ives Hall, Cornell University; S. Ropel, NYS Agriculture Statistics, Albany, NY

Abstract: New York field crop producers were surveyed regarding use of field crop integrated pest management (IPM) practices through a collaboration between NYS IPM Program, Cornell’s Survey Research Institute (SRI) and NYS Agricultural Statistics Service (NYS NASS).  The project team created, implemented, and summarized the survey results regarding NY producer use of field crop IPM, insights into the impact of Cornell Cooperative Extension’s educational efforts for field crop IPM and producer interest in specific environmental and pest management issues. The survey also provided insights into potential IPM adoption as affected by involvement with CCE and size of farm demographics.