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On-Farm Soybean IPM Education Programs: Cultivating Enhanced Soybean Management 2007

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Project Leaders: J. Dennis, K. Wise, J.K. Waldron, NYS IPM

Cooperators: B. Aldrich, Cayuga County Extension Educator; et. al.

Abstract: In 2007, 38 participants representing 25 farms in 6 counties in New York State participated in on-farm soybean Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs.  Participants were actively engaged in a growing-season-long educational program discussing critical pest and crop management topics arising during the growing season.  Multiple meetings held in farmer fields allowed for reinforcement of concepts learned.  Participating producers benefited from the timely collection of data from their fields throughout the growing season. The pest information gathered from scouting these soybean fields during the growing season was used in other extension educational efforts across New York State.