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Developing Information Transfer Methods to Assist New Growers and Increase Efficiency, Diversity and Profitability in Bulk Juice Operations 2007

Download the entire report in pdf format, 181k

Project Leaders: T. Weigle, NYS IPM; T. Bates, Department of Horticulture, NYSAES,

Cooperators: H. Peterson, Viticulture, Finger Lakes Regional Grape Program; A. Muza, PSU Cooperative Extension, Lake Erie Regional Grape Program ; T. Martinson, Viticulture, Cornell Cooperative Extension; M. Chien, Viticulture, Penn State Cooperative Extension

Abstract: The need for this project is two fold. The first is to address the educational needs of bulk grape (juice and wine) growers of New York and Pennsylvania in maximizing profitability through production efficiency and/or diversification into wine grapes for the small winery market. 

The second main objective is to produce educational materials identified by extension associations, extension educators, grape growers and individuals looking into becoming wine grape growers as critical to the learning process. These materials will be packaged into a CD/DVD that can be provided to people interested in grape production as a reference that will give them answers to the questions they should be asking before purchasing land or putting a vine in the ground as well as providing linkage to web-based information for more in-depth topics as their viticultural knowledge grows.