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Results of the 2000
Extension and Research Projects
Funded by the NYS IPM Program

These are links to abstracts of completed projects. Each is in turn linked to a pdf of the entire document.

Projects by Commodity: Links by title to project abstracts.


Livestock and Field Crops

Ornamentals and Turfgrass




Orange County School IPM

Community IPM Educational Resources

IPM for NYS Ants

Facilitation of School District IPM Implementation

Current Pest Management Practices of School Districts in NYS

IPM Workshops for Schools and/or Municipal Properties

Advanced Pest Diagnosis Workshop

Integrated Pest Management Field Day: Focus on Diagnosis

Stinging Insect Pest Management — Pilot IPM Project in New York State

Control of White Grubs with Beneficial Nematodes on School Athletic Fields

Evaluation of Golf Turf Management Systems with Reduced Chemical Pesticide Inputs

Organic Management of Turfgrass: a Comparison of Composts in Monroe, Nassau, Tompkins, and Tioga Counties

Putting IPM to Work in Schools and Institutions

The Underground Theater presents: "The Community Beneath Our Feet"

2000 Westchester County Golf Course IPM Demonstration Project

Lawn Ranger Volunteer Training

The Cornell Turfgrass Hotline; A Pest Management Decision-Making Tool for Extension Staff and Turfgrass Managers.

Improving Diagnostic Skills through Regional Training Sessions.

Evaluation of Turfgrass Phytonematode Population Distributions on a New York State Putting Green.

Integrated Pest Management for Greener Lawns and Landscapes

Community IPM Discovery Center

Impact of Scarab Grub Management Tactics on Non-Target Soil Fauna

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Field Crops

Implementation and Demonstration

Promoting Sustainable Production Agriculture in Oneida County through the Implementation and Evaluation of Tactical Agriculture Teams (TAg)

Research and Development

Reducing Damage from Potato Leafhoppers on Alfalfa in New York through Cultivar Selection: A Comparison of Resistant vs. Susceptible Cultivars under Insecticide Treatment and No Treatment (Year 2).

Using Herbicide-Resistant Corn Hybrids to Establish an Alfalfa Cover Crop

Herbicide-Resistant Corn for Reducing Use of Residual Herbicides and for Wirestem Muhly Control

Reduced Rates of Roundup Ultra and Tank-Mix Partners for Herbicide Resistance Management

Managing Quackgrass Infestations as Cover Crops in Herbicide-Resistant Corn

Demonstrating New Technologies for Improved Corn Rootworm Management

Developing an IPM Response to a New Wheat Health Threat in New York: Wheat Soilborne Mosaic Virus

Transect Sampling to Enhance Efficiency of Corn Rootworm Monitoring

Additional Reports

2000 Integrated Pest Management/Integrated Crop Management Program Report for Albany, Schenectady and Rensselaer Counties


Research and Development

Evaluation of Seasonal Variations in Carcinops pumilio Dispersal and Potential for Suppression of Dispersal Behavior

An Integrated Approach to Managing Fly Pests in Dairy Calf Greenhouses

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Implementation and Demonstration

Microbial Products for Poinsettias Disease Suppression

2000 Report On Thrips Biological Control Demonstration In Orange And Ulster Counties


Implementation and Demonstration

Branching Out- An Integrated Pest Management Newsletter for Trees and Shrubs

2000 Report on IPM Demonstration and Implementation Plan for Christmas Tree Growers


Research and Development

Influence of Creeping Bentgrass Cultivars on the Biocontrol Efficacy of Microbial Inoculants

Biological Control of Viburnum Leaf Beetle

Evaluation and Utilization of Allelopathic Festuca rubra Turfgrass Cultivars and Selected Groundcovers for Alternative Weed Management Strategies in the Landscape

The Impact of Turfgrass Pest Management System Techniques on Surface and Ground Water Quality

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Implementation and Demonstration

Combining Scouting and Tolerant Cultivars for the Effective Management of Leaf Blight Diseases of Carrots


Research and Development

Breeding and Characterization of Thrips Resistance in Cabbage


Implementation and Demonstration

Comparing Weed Suppression in No-Till and Conventionally Tilled Pumpkin Systems that Utilize Stale Seedbed Techniques and Transplants

Research and Development

Evaluation of Harpin for the Control of Insect-Vectored Bacterial Wilt of Pumpkin and Comparison of Cucurbit Crop Types and Cultivars for their Attractiveness to Cucumber Beetles and Susceptibility to Bacterial Wilt

Evaluating New Nozzles and an Air Assist Sprayer for Improving Spray Coverage and Powdery Mildew Control on Underleaf Surfaces

Introgression and Characterization of Black Rot Resistance Derived from Brassica carinata in Cole Crops

Additional Report

Demonstrations of Sustainable Vegetable Pest and Crop Management: Cucurbit Crops

Mixed Vegetables

Implementation and Demonstration

Development of a Web Page on Identifying and Managing Diseases of Vegetable Crops in NY

Additional Report

Farm Ecosystem and Management Factors Contributing to Pest Suppression on Organic and Conventional Farms


Implementation and Demonstration

Analysis of Onion Management Practices as they relate to levels of Aspergillus niger (Black Mold) and Development of IPM scouting protocols for Black mold

Research and Development

Nature and Source of Inoculum of Aspergillus niger Causing the Aspergillus Black Mold Disease of Onions in New York


Implementation and Demonstration

IPM Demonstrations in Peppers

Sweet Corn

Implementation and Demonstration

Pheromone Trap Network for Fresh Market and Processing Sweet Corn

Research and Development

Integration of Insecticides and Biological Control Tactics for Sweet Corn

Flea Beetle and the Incidence of Stewart's Wilt in New York Sweet Corn

Managing Stewart's Wilt with Seed Treatments and Variety Selection

Additional Report

Demonstrations of Sustainable Vegetable Pest and Crop Management: Fresh Market Sweet Corn


Implementation and Demonstration

Occurrence and Management of Tomato Canker

Research and Development

Developing Management Strategies for Bacterial Canker on Tomatoes

Additional Report

NEWA (Northeast Weather Association) 2000: A Year in Review

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Research and Development

Development of Integrated Pest Management Strategies for Apple Fruit Russet.

Management of the Obliquebanded Leafroller and Organophosphate Insecticide Resistance with Soft Pesticides in New York Apple Orchards

Feasibility of Sanitizing Apple Field Bins to Eliminate Postharvest Pathogens

Efficacy of Resistance to Scab in Transgenic ‘McIntosh’ Apple Exposed to Populations of Venturia inaequalis

Developing Additive Action Thresholds for Spotted Tentiform Leafminer and European Red Mite


Implementation and Demonstration

Demonstration and Evaluation of Pest Management Alternatives in Finger Lakes Grapes

Other Tree Fruit

Implementation and Demonstration

Controlling Oriental Fruit Moth in Peaches Using Pheromone Disruption

Research and Development

Evaluation of Pheromone Disruption in Combination with Insecticide Applications for Control of Peachtree Borers in Peaches – Year 1

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