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NYS IPM Fact Sheets for Tree Fruit

Insect Pests
Link Download
American Plum Borer, 1997  
Apple Boring Beetles, 1999  
Apple Maggot, 1991 270k pdf file
Cherry and Black Cherry Fruit Fly, 1988 229k pdf file
Codling Moth, 1996 278k pdf file
Comstock Mealybug, 1991 290k pdf file
Dogwood Borer, 1985 249k pdf file
European Apple Sawfly, 1991 309k pdf file
European Red Mite, 1980 250k pdf file
Grape Cane Borer 2007 675k pdf file
Green Fruitworm, 1980 241k pdf file
Obliquebanded Leafroller, 1980 241k pdf file
Oriental Fruit Moth, 1988 274k pdf file
Peachtree Borer, 1980 275k pdf file
Pear Psylla, 1978 218k pdf file
Phytophagous Mirid Bugs, 1998 479k pdf file
Plum Curculio, 1980 232k pdf file
Redbanded Leafroller, 1989 291k pdf file
Rosy Apple Aphid, 1980 190k pdf file
San Jose Scale, 1980 201k pdf file
Spotted Tentiform Leafminer, 1980 237k pdf file
Tarnished Plant Bug, 1991 247k pdf file
White Apple Leafhopper, 1980 168k pdf file
Woolly Apple Aphid, 1988 228k pdf file
Disease Pests
Link Download
Apple Scab,1993
Black Knot of Plum, 1992 282k pdf file
Brown Rot of Stone Fruit, 1993 276k pdf file
Cedar Apple Rust, 1981 255k pdf file
Cherry Leaf Spot 314k pdf file
Fire Blight, 1994 420k pdf file
Perennial Canker, 1995 402k pdf file
Phytophthora Root and Crown Rot, 1992 352k pdf file
Plum pox disease of stone fruits 2008 950k pdf file
Powdery Mildew of Apple, 2005 700k pdf file
Sooty Blotch and Flyspeck, 1995 291k pdf file
Vertebrate Pests
Link Download
Meadow Vole and Pine Vole 230k pdf file
Link Download
Achieving Biological Control of the European Red Mite in Northeast apples, 1998
Beneficial Insects

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