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NYS IPM Fact Sheets for Field Crops

Link Download
Banded Slug, 1988 460k pdf file
Gray Garden Slug 1988 592k pdf file
Marsh Slug 1988 648k pdf file
Spotted Garden Slug 472k pdf file
Sampling and Management of Potato Leafhopper in Alfalfa Grown in the Northeastern United States 688k pdf file
Sampling and Management of Corn Rootworm in New York Field Corn 425k pdf file
Verticillium Wilt of Alfalfa 1.3 Mb pdf file
Common Rust of Sweet Corn 1987 307k pdf file
European Corn Borer 1983 556k pdf file
Stalk Borer 250k pdf file
Potato Stem Borer 1983 317k pdf file
Corn Earworm 1983 357k pdf file
Fall Armyworm 1983 325k pdf file
Cucumber Beetles, Corn Rootworms and Bacterial Wilt 1994 539k pdf file