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Cover Crops and Rotational Crops Useful in Orchard Site Preparation

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Information on Apple IPM Practices for Specific Pests

Cover or Rotation Crop Organic Matter Nematode Suppression Weed Suppression Areas of Concern
Sudan grass Yes Yes Yes When mature, tough to plow down.
Buckwheat Yes No Yes Mow or plow down before seed production.
Oilseed rape & other mustards Yes Only if tilled under green Yes Only certain varieties suppress nematodes and/or other pathogens.
Winter rye Yes No Yes Plow down or kill before it seeds.
Turfgrass Yes No Yes Preplant establishment can be useful.
Clovers, vetches, other legumes Yes No Yes Good for green manure N source, plow down before it produces seeds.
Corn No No Yes Herbicide carryover could injure trees.