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Cornwall-on-Hudson high schoolIntroducing our new School IPM Best Management Practices website.
From basics for the novice to resources for the seasoned IPM practitioner, our new website at the Northeast IPM Center brings together all the school IPM knowledge we could gather into one site. Inspection forms, pest fact sheets, IPM protocols, and links to the best and latest from IPM experts. We also provide ways to increase communication between school staff, parents, coaches and the community.


Are there pests in your house?

Many of the creepie-crawlies you may find in your home are harmless, but others may infest your flour, chew your clothes, or even bite or sting you.

detective with ant Identification is the first step in practicing IPM. If you can find out what your pest is, then you can learn how to manage it.

Use our online Pest Identification Key to identify your pest!


Bed bugs? Consult our publications for answers to this epidemic:


Jody Gangloff-Kaufmann
Jody Gangloff-Kaufmann
Community IPM Coordinator
jennifer grant Jennifer Grant
Director and Turfgrass IPM Specialist
Lynn Braband Lynn Braband
Community IPM Extension Educator
Matt Frye Matt Frye
Community IPM Extension Educator
Joellen Lampman Joellen Lampman
Community IPM Extension Educator