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What would you do if you thought you might have bed bugs? These images are part of our series, How to Manage Bed Bugs, One Step at a Time! Step One: Inspection.

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Thu, 24 Apr 2014 14:27:01 +0000
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Goodbye Snow, Hello Scouting

Spring starts early for insect pests of conifers. Which means the message for landscapers and Christmas tree growers is: know when your pests are active and get scouting. Because it could be now. For balsam twig aphid, white pine weevil and … Continue reading

Request for Projects in Community Integrated Pest Management, 2014

download it here (326k pdf file)

Deadline: Thursday, May 1, 2014, 5:00 pm. Proposals selected for funding will be announced in May 2014.

Introducing: our new School IPM Best Management Practices website.

From basics for the novice to resources for the seasoned IPM practitioner, our new website at the Northeast IPM Center brings together all the school IPM knowledge we could gather into one site. Inspection forms, pest fact sheets, IPM protocols, and links to the best and latest from IPM experts. We also provide ways to increase communication between school staff, parents, coaches and the community.

Our Mission: The New York State Integrated Pest Management Program develops sustainable ways to manage pests and helps people to use methods that minimize environmental, health, and economic risks.